Covid-19 Update and MN Mask Requirement

Oneka Pet Resort is implementing new processes for the foreseeable future based on the Emergence Executive Order 20-81 published by Governor Tim Walz on July 22nd, 2020.  As always we are here for you and your pets! The following changes will start July 25th, 2020. All services remain open Our lobby will be closed to customers Customers are required to wear a mask … Read More

Oneka Pet Resort COVID-19 Update

Oneka Pet Resort will remain open because the State of Minnesota considers pet care facilities essential businesses, but we ultimately want to support you!

COVID-19 and the impact to your Pets

COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, has been causing significant disruption in our daily lives. Because we want to ensure everyone stays Happy, Healthy and Safe, Oneka Pet Resort has been working with Dr. Michelle Beck at P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital, to put together this information about the impact of COVID-19 and pets. This information is a collaboration from multiple … Read More

Onkea Behavioral Dog Training

What’s different with Oneka Training classes compared to other dog training classes? We get asked that a lot about Oneka Behavioral Dog Training! What we tend to say is we want you to understand the importance of proper communication between you and your dog. Most the classes seemed overly structured with no flexibility for the participants. Sometimes so much structure … Read More

Fireworks and Dogs

The 4th of July is fun and exciting for so many of us. Getting together with friends and family, being outdoors, enjoying the weather, and of course FIREWORKS. But for some of our 4 legged family members, this may not be as exciting. All the things we enjoy about the holiday are also what causes some of our dogs’ extreme … Read More

Canine Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Sick Dog

What is a Canine Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URT), (a.k.a. Kennel Cough) Kennel Cough (Canine Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) is a common and highly contagious respiratory disease.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to entirely safeguard against this virus.  Even vaccinated dogs may acquire kennel cough (although usually a less severe form than they would have otherwise).  The virus incubates for up … Read More