Enrichment Club

an exclusive members-only daycare program
custom-tailored to your dog

If the concept of canine enrichment is new to you, often the first question you might ask is what makes Enrichment Club different?

Truly, the answer to that question is a long one. Here are some of the key differences between Enrichment Club and Traditional Daycare

The Size of the Group

Enrichment Club is limited to 5 participants per day, there is a mix of individual activity and small group activities. Traditional daycare can include as many as 20 dogs at a time. There are no individual activities, the group plays and if one dog becomes too overwhelmed, they rest alone in a kennel.

Customized to Your Dog

Space, activities, equipment, and schedule are prepared in advance based on your application and your dog's individual needs, likes, and learning objectives. Traditional daycare is based on the size of your dog and your dog's willingness to participate in group play. Traditional Daycare activities are predetermined without regard to the individual dog's needs.

Enrichment versus Exhaustion

Enrichment Club activities are hands-on and purposeful. Dogs discover, problem solve, and learn new things. At the end of the day, the experiences your dog has at Enrichment Club result in improved physical and/or psychological health and improved behavior. Traditional daycare lacks purposeful activity, dogs freely run and play in a group all day, sometimes learn unpleasant habits, and then go home exhausted.

Individually Paced

In the Enrichment Club, dogs work on lessons until they master a new skill, they can take one day or months, they learn at their own pace and learn things that interest them. Traditional daycare has two paces; GO! and STOP! Sometimes this high-energy environment is overwhelming for a dog.

The Playgroup Leader's Role

Enrichment Club leaders act as guides to dogs on a one-on-one basis. They assist each dog along his or her learning path and they form a unique bond with the dogs. In Traditional Daycare, there is no learning, the focus is on the dogs expending energy, the schedule is the same each day and is the same for all of the dogs.

Great for all Temperaments

Because Enrichment Club is customized to your dog, it is great for all temperaments. Dogs that lack confidence, are anxious like to push boundaries, don't enjoy groups of other dogs, or need structure, are all great candidates for Enrichment Club. Any dog would benefit from Enrichment Club. In traditional daycare, confidence is necessary before participating, over-excited dogs can cause disruptions to the group, not all dogs enjoy the fast-paced environment.

Learning to Rest Is Important Too

At Enrichment Club, your dog is encouraged to self-regulate and learn when to and how to rest. There are designated rest times where your dog can enjoy mental stimulation rather than physical activity. In Traditional Daycare some dogs will give themselves a break, others will run until they are forced to take a break. Meaningful rest is difficult to do in a large group of dogs.

Enrichment Club is Exclusive

You must purchase a membership for your dog and you have scheduled days to bring your dog. This gives us a predictable group of dogs to schedule activities for. Traditional Daycare is not exclusive, there are no reservations or memberships required. This means, you never know what dogs will be in the group that day.

Change is Good

The Enrichment Club was created based on numerous studies and observations about the way dogs really learn and what activity they like. Traditional Daycare is based on, well, tradition.

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