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Puppy Socialization Class – August 29th

Dogs are social creatures by nature, and as a puppy, they are always learning new things.  One of the most important aspects of being a puppy is to know how to correctly socialize with other dogs (puppies or older dogs).

Oneka Pet Resort’s approach to help train your puppy starts with proper socialization.  All too often people get so caught up in the idea of training their dog that we forget about the importance of proper socialization.  You need to be able to speak to your dog the way they can understand.  Puppies learn “their” language by the time they are 8 weeks old, yet we get them we expect them to understand everything we say.  We need to understand how they communicate, and that’s what we do in this class.

In this class, we will discuss socialization, positive reinforcement, as well as proper corrections, and how to use your presence, as well as some of the basic commands.  This class is puppy socialization with behavior training thrown in.  Communication is key, and we try to give you the proper language to have a great relationship with your dog.

Puppies that do well with other puppies will be allowed off-leash to socialize with the others.  Our staff will keep an eye on all the dogs and let teach the group why puppies do what they do.

Justin Cournoyea (our resident dog behaviorist) has been training dogs for well over a decade. He has worked extensively with all breeds and temperaments and has a specialty working with aggressive dogs.

Class is limited to puppies that are under 1 year old, and that have started their required vaccinations.

Class is limited to 10 dogs.

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Holiday Update

Oneka Pet Resort is currently full over Christmas eve and Christmas Day.  We will also have special hours for Christmas and New Years.

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