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Spa Services


We are not just a daycare, we are committed to giving your pet the entire resort experience when they stay with us. Our luxury spa services are just the thing your dog has always wanted, but can't ask for.

We use diffuse essential oils and play soothing music in our spa room to relax your dog and give them a truly one of a kind experience.

We use all natural products designed to reduce the chance of allergic reaction or irritation. If your dog has a know allergy, please inform the spa staff so we can check the ingredients of the products we will be using on your pet to avoid an irritation.


Refresh & Renew Scheduling our spa services are available by appointment only

Calming Bathing

We proudly use Wet Dog bathing products based out of Minneapolis. these shampoos and conditioners are hypoallergenic. Wet Dog products include natural ingredients that won't harm your dog's sensitive skin*.

Wet Dog products are made in America and Wet Dog Donates a portion of their profits to homeless dogs in shelters.

*The shampoo and conditioner do NOT contain: Sunflower oil, peanut oil, wheat/gluten, dye, sulfate, or parabens.*

$20 small dog $25 medium dog $30 large dog

Stunning 'Paw'dicure

Our pawdicure includes a paw massage, nail trim* and soothing paw balm.

Please do not schedule a pawdicure for your dog if they do not tolerate having their paws touched.

*We provide nail trims only as part of a pawdicure service.

$20 clippers $25 Dremel

Relaxing Blow Out

Get rid of that winter fur with a full blow-out. Reduce shedding and help them cool off by removing their winter coat.

This service Includes a bath and blow-out

$55 small dog $70 medium dog $85 large dog

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