$ 50 + TAX
  • 4 hour minimum
  • Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri


$ 21 + TAX
  • 6 hours or less
  • Monday - Saturday


$ 36 + TAX
  • 6 hours or more
  • Sunday - Saturday


$ 50 + TAX
  • Full Day
  • Thursday Only

Pre K-9

$ 50 + TAX
  • Full Day
  • Monday Only

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Evaluation Day

During your dogs first day we focus on making them feel comfortable. We want to make sure your pet feels comfortable with our staff and the environment first and foremost. Your dog will decide when and if they would like to participate in our general group play.

Full Day & Half Day

You can drop off and pick up anytime during our business hours. Your time will start upon drop off. 6 hours or less is a half day of daycare and anything over 6 hours is considered a full day of daycare.

Group Play

Our group play is separated by both size and temperament. Groups are always supervised by our highly trained staff members

Individual Play

Not all dogs like or want to play in our group play and that’s okay with us! We offer one on one play time for those who prefer it.


All dogs are assigned a kennel while in our care. We use this when your pet needs some down time. All kennels have a cot and fresh water for their comfort.


We offer a wide variety of activities to keep your dog entertained. We offer pool time, food puzzles, bubbles, foam parties and much more!

Daycare Packages


10 Day Package

$20 off regular price
$ 340 + TAX
  • Usable for half-day and full-day daycare
  • Not usable on:
    Puppy Pre K-9

15 Day Package

$45 off regular price
$ 495 + TAX
  • Usable for half day and full day daycare
  • Not usable on:
    Puppy Pre K-9

Check availability &

20 Day Package

$80 off regular price
$ 640 + TAX
  • Usable for half day and full day daycare
  • Not usable on:
    Puppy Pre K-9


An Exclusive Daycare Program Custom-Tailored To Your Dog

Customized to Your Dog

Space, activities, equipment, and schedule are prepared in advance based on your your dog’s individual needs, likes, and learning objectives.

Mental Stimulation

Enrichment activities are hands-on and purposeful. Dogs discover, problem solve, and learn new things. At the end of the day, the experiences your dog has during Enrichment result in improved physical and/or psychological health and improved behavior.

Individually Paced

During your dog’s day of enrichment, they work on lessons until they master a new skill, it can take one day or months to master. They learn at their own pace and learn things that interest them.

The Playgroup Leader's Role

Enrichment leaders act as guides to dogs on a one-on-one basis. They assist each dog along his or her learning path and they form a unique bond with the dogs.

Great for all Temperaments

Because Enrichment is customized to your dog, it is great for all temperaments. Dogs that lack confidence, are anxious like to push boundaries, don’t enjoy groups of other dogs, or need structure, are all great candidates for Enrichment. Any dog benefits from Enrichment.

Learning to Rest Is Important Too

Your dog is encouraged to self-regulate and learn when to and how to rest. There are designated rest times where your dog can enjoy mental stimulation rather than physical activity.

Change is Good

The Enrichment was created based on numerous studies and observations about the way dogs really learn and what activity they like. This gives your dog a day to work and expand their knowledge.

Puppy Pre K-9

You may be wondering what Puppy Pre K-9 is?

It is a day that is geared toward the proper learning that your puppy needs. Puppies retain proper socialization when learning from other puppies and older dogs.

The day consists of your puppy interacting with other puppies while our team encourages proper play and socialization and corrects improper play and socialization. They will then take a rest break in their separate kennels to enjoy treats and puzzles. After their break they will then be back together but also with a very select few older dogs, to teach them how to also be in front of an older confident dog to reinforce the proper socialization.

Our goal is to help create a properly socialized dog that has no fears or hesitations to other dogs. We want to help create as many confident dogs as possible while also providing tips for what to do with your puppy to make sure the behaviors stick. Bad behaviors stem from situations experienced during a dog’s puppyhood so we want to help them grow in a positive and controlled environment. This is especially important for nervous puppies to face the situation that causes fear and anxiety in a controlled environment.  You want to expose your puppy to as many different situations and dogs as you can in their first year, and Oneka Pet Resort is here to help with your puppy socialization.

Sessions will be a first come first serve with a 10-puppy limit.  We will also only allow puppies no older than 11 months. Size and breed do not matter, but your puppy must not be highly reactive toward other dogs when they see them.

Add on to your stay with

Spa Services

We are not just a daycare, we are committed to giving your pet the entire resort experience when they stay with us. Our luxury spa services are just the thing your dog has always wanted, but can't ask for

We use diffuse essential oils and play soothing music in our spa room to relax your dog and give them a truly one of a kind experience.

We use all natural products designed to reduce the chance of allergic reaction or irritation. If your dog has a know allergy, please inform the spa staff so we can check the ingredients of the products we will be using on your pet to avoid an irritation.