1/2 Day


+tax6 Hours or less

Full Day


+tax6 Hours or more

Check availability.

Daycare Packages
Can be used for full-day’s, half-days or any combination
Good for 2 years

10 Day Package


+tax~5% Discount
($15 off reg. price)

15 Day Package


+tax~7.5% Discount
($37 off reg. price)

20 Day Package


+tax~10% Discount
($70 off reg. price)

Dog Fun Programs

-Group play (socialized dogs only)

-Individual play

-Pool time (summer only)

-Indoor play

*Dogs are supervised by a trained staff member at all times when they are outside of the kennel.

All of Our Guests Enjoy

–Dog Fun Programs

– Average of 6 hours of activity per day
– Soft music

– Security, Fire, High/Low-temperature systems for safety
– Pet-friendly staff
– Pet cots for comfortable sleep
– Rooms sanitized daily
– Victor Beef Meal & Brown Rice dog food served daily (or personalized gourmet dinners provided by pet owner)

–Staff trained in CPR and animal first aid

Check availability.

a few
Things to Remember

NOTE: We close and leave at 6:30 pm daily. We can stay 15 minutes past 6:30 pm for a $25 charge, but no later. No exceptions.

In the Summer

Our pool is very fun for the dogs.  The pool is concrete and dogs can hurt themselves by playing too hard.  We try very hard to make sure everyone stays safe.  Common injuries we see from playing are torn pads, hot spots, torn toenails, ear infections, mats, and goopy eyes.  Some of these issues (goopy eyes) are caused by seasonal allergies.  If you have a very active dog these problems are more likely to happen.  So please remember that these issues are out of our control and are specific to your dog’s energy level and physical characteristics.  Some dogs do not show signs of injury until after they are home and have settled down; for example, a dog may not limp when it has a torn pad while they are playing, but will once they get home. We check dogs for play injuries multiple times during the day and we will continue to do our very best to catch these issues before they become serious.

In the Winter

Ice can be a problem.  We keep the play areas as free of ice as possible by shoveling and chipping when needed.  We will use sand in some cases but are unable to use salt due to the safety risks.  Since we can’t always remove all ice, there is a risk of pads getting injured. We will continue to do our very best to catch these issues before they become serious.

Dog Vaccinations

(Must be given 7 days before reservation date if expired.  For example, if you get the bordetella vaccine on a Friday the soonest you could come would be the following Friday. )

Please remember, Bordetella/Kennel Cough does not come from kennels. It can be passed with any face to face contact. For example; dog parks, meeting other dogs on walks, vets, and other family pets. The best way to avoid getting and passing the cough is to keep up to date on the bordetella vaccination.

Cat Vaccinations